Windows Updates Downloader (WUD)

The Update Lists (ULs) contain the necessary list of updates for each of the versions of Windows listed below. You will also find ULs for other software such as Office and Exchange.

In order to use the ULs, they must be in the same folder as the Windows Updates Downloader program folder. WUD integrates itself in the shell in order to simplify installation of UL files. Simply download and install WUD first, run it once, then come back here to download the ULs which you want to use.

When presented with the option to open or save, simply open the UL and it will automatically install itself in the WUD program folder.

Exchange 2003 x862006-08-1953618 download
Office 2003 x862006-08-19136398 download
Windows 2000 ProfessionalService Pack 4x862010-03-1130658 download
Windows 2003 ServerService Pack 2x862010-03-1145820 download
Windows 7Service Pack 1x642015-03-25374016 download
Windows 7Service Pack 1x862015-03-25173830 download
Windows 8 x642013-12-1037159 download
Windows 8 x862013-12-1022400 download
Windows 8.1 x642014-09-0943841 download
Windows 8.1 x862014-09-0920876 download
Windows 8.1 Update x642015-03-2550921 download
Windows 8.1 Update x862015-03-2524480 download
Windows VistaService Pack 1x642009-09-1226590 download
Windows VistaService Pack 1x862009-09-1231794 download
Windows VistaService Pack 2x642009-09-1235778 download
Windows VistaService Pack 2x862009-09-1258006 download
Windows XPService Pack 2x642015-03-2015901 download
Windows XPService Pack 2x862008-04-08193064 download
Windows XPService Pack 3x862014-05-0167542 download